September 2019

Council Report CS 47-19: Development Charge Background Study, Community Benefits Charge Strategy and Long Range Financial Plan

The initial Staff report to commence the Development Charge Background Study was report CS 47-19
July 2020

Council Report CS 33-20: Development Charge Background Study Update

Staff report CS 33-20 was brought to Council on July 20, 2020.    The report discussed the updated study timelines and brought forward the draft study components pertaining to the draft Growth Forecast (population & employment), and the draft historic service level history.

August → October 2020

Public Consultation Period #1

November 2020

Council Report CS 50-20 Development Charge Background Study Update Report

December 2020 → January 2021

Public Consultation Period #2

February 2021

Draft Development Charge Study & By-Law Released

February → April 2021

Legislated Public Review Period

March 2021

Legislated Public Meeting

May 2021

Development Charge Background Study and updated DC-Law adopted by Council

June 01 2021

DC By-Law #7748-21 comes into effect

The new DC By-Law as approved by Council comes into effect on June 1, 2021.  Please note  the Administrative Transition period noted in section 18(6).