How can I join the proposed community garden?

    Community gardens operate independently of the Town of Whitby and are lead by a group of residents that form a Community Garden Board. Pending the outcome from this virtual open house and associated approvals, residents can contact the Community Garden Board for more information on how to become a member of the King Street Community Garden Cooperative. The proposed Community Garden Board will be responsible for managing all members and volunteers who would like to contribute to the community garden.

    How will the proposed community garden be funded?

    The individuals that form the proposed Community Garden Board will be responsible for searching out funding opportunities for the community garden. This may be possible through membership fees, donations, and grant applications. 

    What are the phases of the proposed community garden?

    The Community Garden Board has proposed 3 phases for the development of the community garden: 

    • Phase one may include planting edible and pollinator friendly species in a food forest located in the northwest portion of the property. An existing baseball backstop on the southeast corner of the property will be repurposed into a trellis to grow annual vines that can serve as a gathering spot for future events, pending Town of Whitby permit approval.
    • Phase 2 may include the installation of a storage shed (10 square meters maximum)  to house garden equipment with a walkway connection.
    • Phase 3 may include the installation of raised modular planting beds with a limestone walkway for accessible gardens. This phase may also include two bench rest areas.

    See the proposed site plan under the 'documents' section for more information. All phases are subject to approvals and the Community Garden Board's ability to obtain funding.

    What will the Town of Whitby's plan be for the park property if the proposed community garden is not installed?

    The Town of Whitby has a small budget allocated to build a walkway, bench rest area, and park signage. Interest from the community to install an interpretive sign related to Werden's Plan Heritage Conservation District may also be installed pending available funding.

    Who do I contact for more information?

    Email Jill Stanton, Landscape Architect at

    When will the proposed work take place?

    The Town of Whitby aims to start construction for the park walkway, bench seating and interpretive sign in late summer 2021 pending community feedback gained during open house process and heritage permit approval. The Community Garden Board aims to start phase 1 (planting food forest and pollinator friendly species, and planting annual vines on existing baseball backstop) of the proposed community garden construction to coincide with the Town's park construction.