Can we have lights in the park?

    Lighting is proposed at Lynde Creek Park for the soccer field, parking lot and along some walkways.

    Can we have security cameras installed?

    Security cameras are not typically installed in Whitby Parks due to their questionable effectiveness, concerns about privacy and the significant costs involved. 

    Can we have a skating rink or track installed?

    In 2015 to 2016 the Town had a volunteer-run outdoor ice rink pilot policy and program, located at Kinsmen Park CMS 60-15 and CMS 56-16.The program was unsuccessful due to the lack of sufficiently cold temperatures to maintain an ice surface. 

    Challenges with our winter climate require refrigeration in order to ensure that the ice surface stays frozen. A chiller system would need to be installed for the ice surface to stay consistently frozen and the cost prohibitive for local parks. 

    A Town Park is the best location to best serve the entire community and where more land is available for parking, washroom facilities and storage for related equipment to maintain the ice surface.

    Can we have a skate park?

    Due to space requirements, associated services and amenities, skate parks are best placed in a major Town Parks where they can better serve the entire community.

    Is this park accessible?

    All new Whitby playgrounds and those up for renewal are developed to be accessible and typically utilize engineered wood fibre play surfacing. Those identified through the “Town’s Accessible Playground Distribution Strategy” are considered for rubber surfacing. The Town’s Accessible Playground Distribution Strategy guides the location of higher level accessible playgrounds. These parks are located deliberately on a broader geographic area (north, south, central, east and west) to serve larger residential areas when compared to a district park. These parks typically include rubber play surfacing as it affords the highest level of accessibility. The Town’s standard play surface is engineered wood fibre (EWF). Engineered wood fibre is a highly accessible surface that undergoes certification by the Canadian Standards Association to meet safety and accessibility standards. Engineered wood fibre surfacing has a significantly longer lifespan when compared to a rubber surface. Rubber surfacing has an expected lifespan of 10 years compared to EWF’s lifespan of 20+ years. EWF surfacing is considerably more economical and with annual maintenance and typically outlasts most playground equipment. Lynde Creek Park has been identified as a location for a higher level accessible playground and will be furnished with a rubber play surface.