Labour Disruption 2023; A Champion

I would like to nominate a dear man who has excelled in being a community champion for Whitby. During the labor disruption and all the garbages were removed from the parks, most pet owners, when walking their dogs had nowhere to leave droppings. Most people were leaving their bags of droppings on the ground where the garbage cans used to be. We are in an apartment complex that has a park across the street. I noticed on one particular day this man was walking back from the park with a shovel in his hand. Low and behold this man had picked up most of the droppings from the park and came across the street to our garbage to put them in. This man doesn't even own a dog! My heart smiled. I have noted that on more than one day this man has done this. Martin Luther King said "be the change you wish to see in the world". I believe this man is being that change 🙂
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