Martha, Stewart, Allen, (Kennett Dr)

I would like the share my deepest gratitude towards my neighbors Martha, Stewart and Allen who came to the rescue today. Our car battery died yesterday and we couldn't move the car last night. The car was buried in snow and the driveway was also full of snow since we are living away from the house due to renos. When I went to the house, I couldn't find the batteries to the snow blower in the garage or enter the house as the door was blocked by snow. Stewart was kind enough to lend his snow blower with gas. While I was trying to remove the snow in the driveway, Stewart and Martha helped with clearing the snow around my car. Allen joined shortly after and helped clear the snow from the driveway and the road to free up the car. I was able to get the battery changed and move the car to another neighbor just in time for the snow plows. Their thoughtful and generous actions really helped me a lot. I couldn't have cleared the snow alone. I am really grateful to have such neighbors. We love you guys!

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